Spare Parts

We carry a number of spare parts for energy systems. You can order parts using our online store.

These are some of the items we can provide:

Turbine Parts

  • Primus Wind Power ("AIR" range) 
    • Circuit Kits for the AIR X, AIR Breeze, AIR 30, AIR 40
    • Nose Cones
    • Replacement Blade Sets
    • Upgrade Blade Sets to Carbon Fibre Silent Blades
    • Wind Control Panels (analog and digital)
    • Stators / Rotors
    • Hubs
    • O' Rings
    • Yaw Assembly and Yaw Parts including Slip Rings
    • Tails

​Visit our Primus Spare Parts online store.

  • Silentwind Parts
    • Circuit Kits
    • Nose Cones
    • Replacement Blade Sets
    • Generator Stators 
    • Rotors
    • Hubs
    • Slip Rings
    • Yaw Shaft Kits
    • Tails
    • Bluetooth modules
    • etc

​Visit our Silentwind Spare Parts online store.

  • Marlec Parts ("Rutland" range)
    • Controllers
    • Generator Assembly
    • Post Adaptors
    • Aerofoil Blades
    • Nose Cones
    • Hub Assembly
    • Front Disks
    • Brush Holder & Brush Kits
    • Bridge Rectifiers
    • Ball Bearings (main, lower or upper yaw)
    • Slip Rings
    • Housing parts (tail, nacelle, etc)
    • Stator Winding

Contact us for Marlec Spare Parts.

  • Windverter Parts
    • Generic Brake Units
    • Hubs
    • Nose Cones
    • Blades
    • Controllers
    • Power Shunts

Contact us for Windverter Spare Parts.

  • Aerogen LVM Components
    • Aerogen Controllers
    • Aerogen 4 Hub and Blade Kit

Contact us for Aerogen Spare Parts.


In addition to being a Tesla Accredited Powerwall Reseller, we sell most of the major brands of Lithium Ion, Gel and AGM Lead Acid Batteries (Sungrow, GoodWe, Pylontech, PowerPlus, Redback, etc). 

We also sell Ex-Government / Ex-Telco Batteries - these are extremely good value lead-acid batteries that were held for potential use by Government or Telco but never actually used. 

These batteries are all top quality brands like Exide, Leoch, Yuasa, Supersafe and Fiamm with long life expectancy. They are under 2 years old, tested and charged before shipping so they are ready to be put to work, and they carry a warranty.

Contact us for Batteries.

Clearance Parts

  • Alcatel charger, 48v 25amp SH
  • Current Gauges (analog ammeters)
  • Fuses (100A, 125A, 160A)
  • GoodWe Ezi Controller
  • Growatt Shine Vision Monitor
  • Growatt Wireless Current Sensor (SP-CT)
  • Latronic Inverter
  • Selectronic Shunts
  • Selectronic Keypads (face or full keypad)
  • Steca Solsum 8.8 Charge Controller