You can now get an instant online quote on rooftop solar, without providing any personal details. Head to our quoting system here.

Customers often want to know, even before discussing a quote, the price for a 5kW to 100kW solar or wind system in order to find a great deal.

Most of the time you can have a system installed without too many dramas, however, a high quality system that is sustainable and cost effective over the long run requires quality parts and a smart design. Unfortunately these two aspects are often difficult to convey without a conversation and some site-specific details.

Windpower Australia doesn't sell cheap systems with high failure rates. If you are seduced by ads that promise 6.6 kW of solar for under $4000, prepare to be up-sold or disappointed.

We do cater to value-conscious clients who'd like a quality system, as well as premium product-hunters.

We pride ourselves on: 

  • High quality products and service levels
  • Excellent communication
  • A safe, professional installation
  • Superior post-sales support

It is this focus and the resultant word-of-mouth referrals that enabled Windpower Australia to continue operations across 5 decades.

Check out our blog over here for information on some of the latest pricing incentives however this is merely a guide based on each state.

Some of the common issues we find when customers choose a bargain system

Lack of system monitoring

Installing a system will save you some money, but optimising your energy costs also requires system monitoring for three important reasons:

  1. To determine the best energy plan to switch to;
  2. To detect any issues causing sub-optimal energy generation;
  3. To make good decisions about potential system upgrades.

We try to help customers get the most out of their system through monitoring.

People have better things to do with their time than to become experts in every product or service they buy. Having a trusting relationship with our customers means we can provide unbiased product advice and ensure they avoid making decisions that could lead to regret later in life.

Degradation often goes unnoticed for years beyond installation, but we can make sensible decisions based on an understanding of manufacturing processes as well as industry data to ensure we provide products that will stand the test-of-time. 

At its worst, sloppy installation creates serious risks for customers. It can also mean you aren't getting the most efficiency out of your system, or that the aesthetic appeal of your home or business suffers. 

Installers we use are required to have a very positive reputation, be well-established (typically over 10 years) and demonstrate excellent communication skills.