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Rooftop Solar

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We differentiate with others on service quality. Your time is valuable so we pride ourselves on a great experience and excellent communication. We even monitor your system post-installation to keep you on the optimal energy plan.

Small-Scale Wind

We are specialists in sub 5kW turbine systems, off-grid. If you are looking for a new install we can ensure it's fit for purpose. We won't sell you a turbine if you don't have enough wind.

Off-Grid Solutions

For those of you wanting to live entirely off-grid, we'd love to help you. In addition to wind, solar and batteries, we can also supply generators and other equipment.

Ground-Mounted Solar

Prefer to keep your energy grounded? (little sparky joke there). We can design a ground-mounted solar system for you.

System Design:
Need some electricity where there is none or want to do your part for the environment and produce your own electricity? We can design a power system to suit your energy requirements. Our designers have Clean Energy Council accreditation for grid feed and stand alone power systems and have several decades of experience designing solar, wind and hybrid power systems for all sorts of applications.

System Installation:
We can install your solar power system or connect you directly with a local wind-turbine installer. We use experienced installers who have Clean Energy Council accreditation for installing grid connect and stand alone power systems. We can over see an installation that you or your contractors have carried out to make sure that it complies with the relevant Australian Standards and is possibly eligible for Government grants, rebates and Small Technology Certificates (STCs are like the old Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs).

System Maintenance & Upgrades:
All power systems require some degree of maintenance. We can carry out the maintenance or give you some guidance on what sort of maintenance schedule you should follow.

System Components & Spare Parts:
We can help you find replacement components for your electrical systems (Inverters, Converters, Charge Controllers, etc) Mechanical Systems (Wind turbines, water pumps, generators, etc) and other things (Solar modules, Batteries, etc)

View spare parts here.

Insurance Repairs & Replacements:
Your power system is an important part of your life and when it fails it can be troublesome. We can carry out a speedy turn around for the replacement of damaged items. Noting your power system in your insurance policy is always recommended.

We use premium brands for our systems

Tried and tested with strong warranties