Solar Power Systems

As one of the first businesses to bring solar to Australia, we would love to help with your solar installation. We offer residential and commercial systems, connected to the grid or off-grid.

As you can imagine, there are so many factors that affect the price and complexity of a solar power system that is is impossible to provide an online quote.

We offer mid-range and premium systems to suit your budget. Unfortunately we do not offer the cheapest products on the market, so if price is your only consideration, we might not be the best fit.

What you can count on is quality products at reasonable prices, coupled with high degree of customer service.

To get an initial quote for your home, please contact us with the following information

A copy of your energy bill, or...
➤ Your name and address
➤ Typical energy consumption per day in kWh
➤ Average quarterly bill amount in $

➤ Phone number
➤ Your preference for mid-range or premium
➤ Solar only, solar & battery or battery only
➤ Optional wind turbine if you are in a windy regional location
➤ Photos of your meter box (or let us know if your home is single phase/three phase).

Send it to:

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