Rutland 1200 Marine Wind Turbine

The Rutland 1200 Marine is the latest in the Rutland family of marine turbines used by yachtsmen around the world since our first model in 1978. This high efficiency and technologically advanced turbine uses a high-tech MPPT controller specifically designed for charging 2 battery banks with the feature to accept input for solar panels.

When you need a reliable source of power on-board, take a look at the Rutland 1200 Marine turbine. Designed, developed and manufactured by Marlec in the UK, the Rutland 1200 Marine captures the energy in the wind to provide the power you need for fully charged batteries on board. The almost silent operation is a key feature of this innovative marine turbine that’s specifically designed for the power needs of yachts 12m or more.

Why Choose The Rutland 1200 Marine Windcharger?

Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine
Our Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine sets the standards for micro wind turbines in both performance and reliability. At our manufacturing facility in Corby, UK we use high grade materials to create a robust, high quality and long lasting turbine. Distinctive blue hard anodized marine grade aluminium, modern and lightweight UV stable injection mouldings and stainless steel components and fasteners perform in temperatures experienced from the Arctic to the equator.

√ Designed for marine applications

√ Modern, durable materials for excellent reliability and product longevity

√ Simple and fast to install

√ Enables batteries on-board to be fully charged using natural resources

√ Eliminating the need for engine charging

√ Available in 12V and 24V

√ Generates up to 483W

√ Produces 290W at 11m/s (21 knots) wind speeds

√ Manufactured using high quality materials, designed to endure harsh environments

√ Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by the UK’s longest established renewable energy company.

Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine Features:

The Rutland 1200 Marine combines a highly efficient wind turbine with innovative design features and a technologically advanced controller designed for marine applications. Together they generate real-life levels of power that lead the market of micro wind turbines.

There are three technical advantages the Rutland 1200 Windcharger has over similar models in the market:

The refined aerofoil blade profile is purpose designed for quietness, low windspeed start up and high wind peak aerodynamic performance. Each injection moulded blade is identical and perfectly balanced for smooth operation.

• A rotor that remains virtually silent across all windspeeds.
• A very low cut-in windspeed that starts charging at <3m/s (6mph/9kmph)
• Unrivalled power generation of 250W at 10m/s (23mph/37kmph) and peak power of 483W @ 15m/s.
Our efficient, finely profiled Tri-namic blades ensure that the Rutland 1200 converts the maximum energy available in the wind to charge your batteries.

The Rutland 1200 generator is based on Marlec’s pioneering disk type design. Its low resistance AC operation combines the latest powerful rare earth type magnets with a 3-phase winding and low friction bearings. This is housed in a protective aluminium casing and all manufactured by Marlec in the UK.

• Cool operation which increases efficiency and reliability.
• The low resistance generator works in harmony with the aerofoil blades and controller to ensure that across the whole range of windspeeds the Rutland 1200 generates the maximum energy possible from the available wind.
• The generator is sealed to withstand weather conditions around the world.

The overall benefit is greater energy delivered to your battery.

The sculpted nose and nacelle efficiently direct the flow of air leading to the built-in tail fin which directs the rotor to the prevailing wind.

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